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Went to a department store. She showed me the dressing room. “If you need anything, I’m Jill.” Wow. Never met anyone with a conditional identity. “What’s your name if I don’t need anything?” “Eugene.”


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  1. I’ve seen these sorts of conditionals called ‘biscuit’ conditionals elsewhere, after an example given by Austin: ‘there are biscuits in the cupboard if you want one’ (so where are they if I don’t want one?). There’s a nice paper by DeRose & Grandy on these conditionals here:

    For something more recent, take a look at this:

  2. Declerck and Reed’s book CONDITIONALS: A COMPREHENSIVE EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS (2001, de Gruyter) offers an inventory of various “if”-sentences that are not (typically) used as conditionals, if you’re interested.

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