Fred Dretske, RIP

The piece referenced here was likely his last publication prior to his death. He was an important figure in epistemology, instrumental in the rise of externalist theories of knowledge and his approach to the Gettier problem is still widely misunderstood and underappreciated, I think. Knowledge and the Flow of Information was a formative piece in my graduate education, an early example of what would now be called Formal Epistemology.


Fred Dretske, RIP — 3 Comments

  1. In addition to being a very fine philosopher, Fred Dretske was about as nice a man as you could ever hope to meet.

  2. Already well-established there when I arrived at UW-Madison in 1965, Fred was one of the most welcoming of my first faculty colleagues. More important than his penetrating intellect was the great concern he had, and he showed, for the many people, like me, that he drew toward him. I speak for very many, I’m sure, when I say that we will cherish his presence in our lives so long as we still live.

  3. He inspired my PhD thesis on epistemic closure… A very fine philosopher, indeed. “Diis manibus sacrum.”

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