Foundations & Coherence — 5 Comments

  1. Mike, I emailed you about this too, but thought others should know about arcane details of coherentist literature! Lycan denies that consistency is necessary for coherence (so does CD’s own Wayne Riggs, from whom Bill got the idea). Consistency is necessary within compartments, but inconsistency between compartments detracts from coherence but doesn’t rid the system of it entirely. The hard question is how to carve the belief system into compartments, and Bill doesn’t answer that question. The reference, by the way, is his piece in the Plantinga volume that I edited.

  2. Mike,

    You say your article is going to appear in the “next Blackwell Companion.” Does that mean there will be an updated Companion to Epistemology? Or is the volume dedicated to some other area or topic?


  3. Matthias Steup is editing the second edition of the Companion to Epistemology. The new edition will have, in addition to the A-Z section, 20 self-portraits by prominent epistemologists, and 10 review essays on major topics. “Foundations and Coherence” is one of the latter.

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