Fordham Epistemic Normativity Workshop, April 16th and 17th, 2010

A workshop on epistemic normativity will be held at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan, on April 16th and 17th, 2010.

Participants include:

Selim Berker (Harvard), Joe Cruz (Williams), Michael DePaul (Notre Dame), Catherine Elgin (Harvard), Jeremy Fantl (Calgary),  Miguel Angel Fernandez (UNAM), Richard Foley (NYU), Bryan Frances (Fordham), John Greco (St. Louis), Allan Hazlett (Fordham), Thomas Kelly (Princeton), Michael Lynch (Connecticut), Linda Martin-Alcoff (CUNY), Matt McGrath (Missouri), Wayne Riggs (Oklahoma), Nishi Shah (Amherst), Asbjørn Steglich-Peterson (Aarhus), Matt Weiner (Vermont), and Dennis Whitcomb (Western Washington).

Please see below the fold for a full schedule.

April 16th (location = Law School, Room 430BC)

9:00: welcome and coffee

Thomas Kelly (Princeton)
“Following the Argument Where it Leads”
chair: Michael DePaul (Notre Dame)

Michael Lynch (Connecticut)
“Skepticism and Epistemic Disagreement”
chair: Nishi Shah (Amherst)

12:30-2:30 lunch break

Dennis Whitcomb (Western Washington)
“Wisdom in Mind and Action”
chair: Miguel Fernandez (UNAM)

Richard Foley (NYU)
“Knowledge as Adequate Information”
chair: Catherine Elgin (Harvard)

6:30 dinner

April 17th (location = Lowenstein, 12th Floor lounge)

Wayne Riggs (Oklahoma)
“What is Epistemic Value, Anyway?”
chair: Asbjørn Steglich-Peterson (Aarhus)

Jeremy Fantl (Calgary) & Matt McGrath (Missouri)
“Knowledge and Reasons”
chair: Selim Berker

12:30-2:30 lunch break

Linda Martin-Alcoff (CUNY)
“Horkheimer, Habermas, Foucault, and the Epistemic Criterion”
chair: Matt Weiner (Vermont)

John Greco (St. Louis)
“How to Think about Testimonial Knowledge”
chair: Joe Cruz (Williams)

6:30 dinner


More information on locations:

April 16th Location (Law School, Room 430BC): Enter at 140 West 62 Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus.

April 17th Location (Lowenstein, 12th Floor lounge): Enter at corner of Columbus Ave. and 60th Street. Take escalator up one level to bank of elevators on Plaza Level. Elevators 5 and 6 go directly to the 12th floor and the other elevators go to the 11th floor and then you have to walk up one flight.


Visitors to the workshop are welcome, and attendance is free.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Stephen Grimm at  The website for the workshop can be found here:

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