First Symposium on Philosophy, History, and Methodology of ERROR


Filling out the acronym, the subtitle for the conference is as follows.
Experimental Reasoning, Reliability, Objectivity, and Rationality: Induction, Statistics, and Modeling
June 2-5, 2006
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

The website is here, but since it is not up yet, I’ll include a bit of a blurb below the fold. Invited speakers of interest to me at least include Peter Achinstein, Clark Glymour, Henry Kyburg, Larry Laudan, and Alan Musgrave.

Here’s the blurb.
We learn from our mistakes. But are we learning enough? Contributions to this
conference, whether philosophical, historical, statistical, and/or
methodological will all in some way reflect an aspect of “learning from
error,” conceiving “error” very broadly, (e.g., mistakes of inference, flawed
methods, statistical errors, misspecified models, anomalous results, erroneous
verdicts, deceptions in nature, biases and fallacies). What kinds of errors
seem to matter most in improving method, advancing reliability, avoiding
threats (natural and man-made). How do/can we make progress in building a
“repertoire of errors” and techniques to circumvent, or capitalize upon them?

Special Invited Speakers (thus far): Peter Achinstein (Johns Hopkins), Alan
Chalmers (Adelaide), Sir David Cox (Oxford), Clark Glymour (Carnegie Mellon),
Henry Kyburg (Rochester), Larry Laudan (UNAM), Alan Musgrave (Otago), John
Worrall (LSE).

Executive Committee: A. Chalmers, D.R. Cox, C. Glymour, A. Spanos
Program/Planning/Publicity Committee: C. Glymour, D. Mayo, C. Pinnick, D.
Rudge, K. Staley

We would like to invite suggestions for workshops** and contributed papers in
the form of Poster sessions directly presenting a mixture of a brief paper,
tables, graphs, pictures, and other formats.
**One will be “Error and the Growth of Experimental Knowledge—10 Years On”

Directions for submissions will be posted later in September at
Inquiries: or
The Program Committee will begin reviewing submissions: November 30; final
date to receive submissions: January 6, 2006. All accepted contributors will
have accommodation and partial travel expenses covered.


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