FEW 2006 Final Schedule (finally)

Dear FEWers,

We apologize for the delay (and for some confusion) concerning the final schedule for FEW 2006. This was caused by an overwhelming response, and also by an email-listing snafu. We had so many submissions and queries about FEW this year, that we will not be able to send personalized emails about it. So, I have created a new master database of FEWers, which (I think) is now complete. If you think you should be on our email list, but you did not receive a message that looks a bit like this post, please email me. The schedule has been posted, along with all of the abstracts and all of the papers. Please read as many of these in advance of the meeting as you can. The idea is to hit the ground running.

http ://socrates.berkeley.edu/~fitelson/few/schedule.html

We are encouraging anyone with serious interests in this stuff to attend the meeting. We have a large room this year, so we can accommodate plenty of people. Just let me know if you plan to attend. No registration is necessary. Information about hotels, etc., can be found on the FEW website, at:


Graduate students who are on the final program will receive $350 for travel costs. There will probably not be much money left over for other graduate students. But, interested graduate students should send me a query just in case. Also, graduate students should contact me about housing. Many of you will be able to find a place to stay with some of the Berkeley graduate students.

Sahotra and I are looking forward to seeing all of you in May!


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