February in Chicago: Epistemology at the Central APA

For those who doubt that there are good reasons to visit Chicago in February (!), consider the good deal of epistemology that will be done at the Central; see the following page for details.

Thursday Feb. 19

II-D Author Meets Critics: Jonathan Sutton, Without Justification
Chair: E.J. Coffman (University of Tennessee)
Critics: Earl Conee (University of Rochester)
Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern University)
Matthew McGrath (University of Missouri-Columbia)
Author: Jonathan Sutton (Auburn University)

Friday Feb. 20

II-G Colloquium: Rationality
Chair: Baron Reed (Northwestern University)
Speaker: Berislav Marusic (Brandeis University)
“Epistemic Evasion”
Commentator: Brian Boeninger (University of Notre Dame)

Chair: Chris Waterhouse (University of St. Andrews)
Speaker: Daniel M. Johnson (Baylor University)
“Proper Function and Should-Be-Believed Defeaters”
Commentator: Warren E. Shrader (Indiana University-South Bend)

Chair: Matthew Mullins (Northwestern University)
Speaker: Paul Weirich (University of Missouri)
Commentator: Arthor Paul Pedersen (Carnegie Mellon University)

III-E Colloquium: Knowledge and Value
Chair: Remy Debes (University of Memphis)
Speaker: Adam Pelser (Baylor University)
“Emotional Knowledge: Emotion as a Basic Source of Justification”
Commentator: Jay Wood (Wheaton College)

Chair: Evan Fales (University of Iowa)
Speaker: Allan J. Hazlett (Fordham University)
“Is Knowledge Something Everyone Wants?”
Commentator: Daniel Howard-Snyder (Western Washington University)

Chair: Mylan Engel, Jr. (Northern Illinois University)
Speaker: Sarah Wright (University of Georgia)
“Virtue Epistemology and Contextualism”
Commentator: Noah Lemos (College of William and Mary)

III-I Colloquium: Foundations of Knowledge
Chair: Jeffrey E. Brower (Purdue University)
Speaker: Todd Long (California Polytechnic State University)
“A Bone for Traditional Foundationalism”
Commentator: Mark Heller (Sryacuse University)

Chair: Giovanni Mion (Southern Methodist University)
Speaker: Julianne Chung (University of Calgary)
“The Assumptions Account of Knowledge Attributions”
Commentator: Kelly M. Becker (University of New Mexico)

Chair: Aloysius P. Martinich (University of Texas-Austin)
Speaker: Robert Bass (Coastal Carolina University)
“Knowledge Without Truth?”
Commentator: Gerald Vision (Temple University)

Saturday Feb. 21

IV-C Author Meets Critics: Michael Bergmann, Justification without Awareness
Chair: Matthia Steup (Purdue University)
Critics: Richard Fumerton (University of Iowa)
John Greco (Saint Louis University)
Joel Prust (University of Delaware)
Authors: Michael Bergmann (Purdue University)

V-G Colloquium: Reliabilism
Chair: Alexander Arnold (University of Notre Dame)
Speaker: Victor Kumar (University of Arizona)
“Kinds of Reliability”
Commentator: Nathan Ballantyne (University of Arizona)

Chair: Andrew Bailey (University of Notre Dame)
Speaker: Chris Tucker (Stonehill College)
“Greco’s Reliability Requirement”
Commentator: Thomas D. Senor (University of Arkansas)

Chair: Ryan Doran (Northwestern University)
Speaker: Mark E. Wunderlich (Union College)
“Avoiding the Generality Problem for Process Reliabilism”
Commentator: John Shoemaker (University of Rochester)


February in Chicago: Epistemology at the Central APA — 4 Comments

  1. I asked this question on the Leiterblog, but I’d like to see if any of the CD crowd has any answers: does anyone know what the February schedule for the Central meeting will involve for the spring job market? Given the awkward timing with the Feb. JFP, should we expect drastically reduced market action? If so, will that mean that the Pacific meeting will take up the slack?

  2. Jonathan, I don’t know anything beyond what is predictable, which is that the meeting is too early and the JFP appearance too late for much to happen. I expect one-year position interviewing to occur in Vancouver instead, and have been recommending to students to go there rather than to the Central.

    Sandy, you’re right that many of us wonder whether there could be any good reason to come to Chicago *in February*! The program would have been just as inviting in, say, April… (And, of course, I know the issues that led to the change of time for the meeting, but I’m hoping the meeting has such low attendance that the powers that be learn the error of their ways…)

  3. Don’t really disagree with you, Jon, about the timing of the Central. Then again, I’m here in Chicago in February anyway. Which, by the way, isn’t as bad as you Texans make it out to be. (Even if April is better.)

  4. Sandy!!! Your post resulted in my frantically double-checking the time for the *Without Justification* session. It’s at 9am *Friday February 20th*. Good thing, too, since the plane ticket I bought a few days ago doesn’t get me to Chicago till Thursday afternoon.

    Be more careful next time, okay??? ;o)

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