Journal rankings by Hirsch Scores

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This link is to an excel spreadsheet of h- and g-scores of 75 philosophy journals that were recently classified by the European Science Foundation (ESF).

Some notes on interpretation. The ESF list classifies journals by grade: an A is better than a B, and B is better than a C. I’ve coded this as A=1, B=2, C=3. The list here is far from complete and comes with the caveats and warnings that have accrued in the last month. In addition, there are two things to keep in mind: the mean and median scores should be taken with a grain of salt, since they are for this list only. However, it is not likely that these numbers will be much greater on a more comprehensive list: nearly all of the major journals are listed here, so a more comprehensive list would (I think) only reveal a greater distance between scores for top journals from the mean and median. A graph of the spread for this list is included.

Another point that comes across clearly is that different fields have different citation practices: historians are far more reluctant than linguists to offer up a citation, and all of us pale in comparison to biochemists.

Finally, thanks much to Jon Kvanvig for crunching the data. (If anyone knows of a port for Publish or Perish to Mac OS X, I’d be keen to find out about it.) This exercise has helped me prepare for my center’s review next month. In our scheme, weight is given to publishing in “high-impact” journals, particularly for junior faculty. Perhaps this information will be useful to others as well.

Below the fold are summary tables for the top 25 journals.

  Ordinal Rank (h) Ordinal Rank (g)
1 Linguistics and Philosophy Linguistics and Philosophy
2 Journal of Logic, Language and Information Journal of Logic, Language and Information
3 The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Mind and Language
4 Mind and Language The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
5 Philosophy of Science Philosophy of Science
6 Minds and Machines Ethics
7 Synthese Minds and Machines
8 Mind Synthese
9 Journal of Philosophy Journal of Philosophy
10 Philosophical Studies Philosophical Review
11 Studia Logica Mind
12 Ethics Philosophical Studies
13 Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Studia Logica
14 The Hastings Center Report Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
15 Philosophical Review Biology and Philosophy
16 Biology and Philosophy The Hastings Center Report
17 Theory and Decision Theory and Decision
18 Nous Political Theory
19 Philosophy and Public Affairs Nous
20 Economics and Philosophy Philosophy and Public Affairs
21 Journal of Medicine and Philosophy Economics and Philosophy
22 Political Theory Analysis
23 Analysis Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
24 The Monist The Monist
25 Erkenntnis Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society

Some notes: The Journal of Applied Logic (JAL), which is a young logic journal listed under applied mathematics rather than humanities, scores 10(h)/15(g), which puts it in the rough ballpark on this metric with JSL (h-rank 29, g-rank 32) NDJFL (31/29), JPL (32/33), and the Bulletin (33/35). JAL would place at (40/41). Finally, the editorial board of JPL has moved to the brand new Review of Symbolic Logic, which will publish its first issue in 2008.


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