Epistemology@Edinburgh: Current and Upcoming Events

A summary of what the Edinburgh Epistemology Research Group is currently up to and has planned for the near future:

Regular Seminars/Groups
For these seminars/groups, all are welcome and there is no need to register.


Note that of these events both the Nature of Knowledge Lecture and The Aims of Inquiry and Cognition Conference are free to everyone and there’s no need to register (the other two events require registration). In addition, we will as usual have a Christmas Graduate Epist-Fest Workshop, which will be open to everyone (this year it will be on Friday December 9th), and we’ll also be hosting another graduate workshop in the spring (Thursday May 24th). Looking ahead, we’re planning a major conference in 2013 to celebrate 50 years since Gettier’s article.


Epistemology@Edinburgh: Current and Upcoming Events — 4 Comments

  1. Duncan, I think the Nature of Knowledge lecture is free but ticketed, and I’m guessing tickets aren’t available anymore. (I had one, and gave it up several weeks ago since it because clear that sadly I wasn’t going to be make it – they had a wait-list for them then.)

  2. Thanks for this Aidan, I stand corrected! Wow, I can’t remember the last time we had to ticket a NoK lecture (much less that the tickets were gone so early–heck, I don’t even have a ticket!). Well done Guyer!

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