Epistemology on TAR

I expect most readers of Certain Doubts are also readers of Brian’s blog, so this may not be news to most of you. It helps my sense of the world being a rather nice place to be to notice interesting discussion of epistemological topics elsewhere as well, and Brian has a really interesting idea on the topic of pragmatic encroachment in epistemology. It also discusses the work of the incredibly interesting paper of Fantl&McGrath that we’ve discussed most recently here.

I have a suggestion for Brian, though. I think the name of his blog should be “thoughts, arguments, and rants that are sometimes historical, sometimes epistemological, sometimes ethical, and always lucid.” Doesn’t get all the aspects of lemminghood that he displays, but oh … what an acronym!


Epistemology on TAR — 1 Comment

  1. It just doesn’t seem right to leave out some of the lemming areas important to Brian’s blog. Rather than list all of them, why not just put “lemming” itself into the title? How about: Internet Log of Lemming Ideas and No-nonsense Inquiry?

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