“Epistemic Justification” Entry

Routledge is revising their online encyclopedia, and I’m doing the entry for epistemic justification. A draft of the entry can be found here, and any comments or suggestions are welcome.


“Epistemic Justification” Entry — 1 Comment

  1. This is a very fine piece, and I found it useful myself. I have just two comments.
    The first is that the distinction between propositional and doxastic justification is introduced a bit abruptly in the course of discussing coherentism. It would probably be useful to put it upfront.

    The second comment is about an omission, although I realize this is a bit unfair, given the huge amount of material you already managed to squeeze in there!
    What I have in mind is the Williamsonian brand of externalism that sees justification as conceptually secondary wrt to knowledge, and which in my opinion has its best expression (in this respect) in Alexander Bird’s paper “Justified Judging”. I think this line of thought would deserve at least a mention among “recent developments”.

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