Disjunctivism Conference

From Adrian Haddock, an announcement of a conference this June:

Disjunctivism: Perception, Action, Knowledge
Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience
University of Glasgow
Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th June, 2005


Disjunctivism became well-known with work in the philosophy of perception by J. M. Hinton, Paul Snowdon and John McDowell. Today, interest in perceptual disjunctivism is greater than ever – as a recent issue of Philosophical Studies (Volume 120, Issue 1-3, 2004), given over to the idea, attests. Disjunctivism is also a feature of recent work in the philosophy of action and in epistemology. This conference brings together some of the most prominent writers on disjunctivism in an attempt to explore its implications for our understanding of perception, action, and knowledge. It should interest people working in each of these fields, and should be of particular interest to those working at the interface of issues in epistemology and the philosophy of mind.


Jonathan Dancy (Reading/ Texas at Austin)
Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck, London)
Mike Martin (UCL)
Mohan Matthen (British Columbia)
Alan Millar (Stirling)
Ram Neta (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
Duncan Pritchard (Stirling)
David-Hillel Ruben (NYU at London)
Sonia Sedivy (Toronto)


The conference will be held at the Glasgow University Union. Prospective participants are encouraged to register early. The full registration fee is £60, which includes lunch on both the Saturday and the Sunday, tea/coffee throughout the conference, and the conference dinner on the Saturday night (including wine). A reduced registration fee of £40 is available for those who do not wish to attend the conference dinner.

Further information about the conference, including a registration form and accommodation details, is available at the conference homepage:


Alternatively, you can contact the conference organisers directly:

Dr. Fiona Macpherson (Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, Department of Philosophy, University of Glasgow) (f.macpherson@philosophy.arts.gla.ac.uk)

Dr. Adrian Haddock (Knowledge, Mind and Value Project, Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling)


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