DeRose Book on Contextualism

Just got word that Keith has received advance copies of his book on contextualism, linked at Amazon here:
The Case for Contextualism: Knowledge, Skepticism, and Context, Vol. 1.

Amazon says the availability date is September 30, 2009, but I expect with advance copies already available, one should be able to get the book sooner. Perhaps in time to teach it for fall courses, if so inclined.


DeRose Book on Contextualism — 4 Comments

  1. OUP-USA’s page for the book lists it as coming out in July. (OUP-UK’s page lists a publication date of 7 May.) I’ll ask whether that — or at least before September — can be counted on.

  2. The book seems to be out now. The OUP-USA page for it says “in stock,” and Amazon’s page for it makes it look like they’re ready to send it out.

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