CSSiP on “Radical Scepticism”

The 8th Cologne Summer School in Philosophy will take place in Cologne, September 23 – 27, 2013. Special guest this year will be Duncan Pritchard (University of Edinburgh). Pritchard suggests a new understanding of the sceptical problem and offers a novel solution to it. According to him, radical scepticism is motivated by the combination of two independently attractive assumptions: (i) the closure-based claim that in order to have ordinary knowledge one has to know that the sceptical hypothesis is false and (ii) the assumption that our judgments about the world are underdetermined by the reasons that are available to us. Pritchard’s solution to the sceptical problem relies on complementary ideas about the locality and the factivity of reasons.

The Summer School is mainly aimed at professional philosophers and advanced graduate students. Attendance is free, but limited to 50 participants – on the basis of motivation and qualification. Online application is possible through May 15. Please add a short letter of interest where you briefly explain your academic background and your main motivation for participating in the Summer School. We will inform you about the success of your application soon after the deadline.

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