Croatian Journal Call for Papers

The Croatian Journal of Philosophy is publishing several special topic issues of interest here, and they are soliciting submissions. The schedule and topics look like this (information ordered by topic, submission deadline, publication date):

Thought experiments (and the work of J.R. Brown), October 2005, summer 2006.
Epistemology, January 2006, fall 2006.
Perception (and the work of H. Robinson), May 2006, Winter 2007.
Philosophy of cognitive science and linguistics, September 2006, summer 2007.
Moral motivation, December 2006, fall 2007.

The editor is Nenad Miscevic, and authors who wish to submit papers should communicate with him and ask for instructions concerning the topic and format of the paper. Correspondence can be by email at any of the following addresses: vismiscevic at, anag at, and kruzak at


Croatian Journal Call for Papers — 3 Comments

  1. Jon, thanks a lot.
    for the bloggers who read the comments:
    The Croatian journal of philosophy is also VERY KEEN ON BOOK REVIEWS. If you have recently read some recent book (last 3 years), and want to discuss it in print, please let me know.

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