Contextualism and related views

I’m looking for a really good survey of the differences between the various possible positions in the vicinity of contextualism, truth-relativism, sensitive invariantism etc.. Can anyone recommend one? It seems that various positions which are at least available as options in logical space sometimes get passed over without much comment. For instance, if I remember rightly, Hawthorne’s _Knowledge and Lotteries_ discusses utterance-sensitivity about content (the view he calls ‘contextualism’) and subject-sensitive content-invariantism, but utterance-sensitive content-invariantism and subject-sensitivity about content don’t get a look in. Is there anywhere a comprehensive chart of this territory?


Contextualism and related views — 3 Comments

  1. I’m not sure if there’s what you want in Jason Stanley’s new book–I don’t recall offhand exactly what he covers–but that would be as good a bet for a place to look as any I know.

  2. Jon and Keith,
    Thanks for the comments. I did suspect this might be something that’s not been done yet. I’ll take a look at the Stanley book, though, as soon as I can get hold of a copy.

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