to CD’s own Matt Weiner, whose paper, “Must We Know What We Say?” (draft, in pdf format, available here), has been accepted by my favorite journal, The Philosophical Review. This is almost month-old news, but I just recently heard. So while I’m issuing somewhat belated congratulations to Matt, I’ll mention as well that Matt has landed at tenure-track job at Texas Tech. So watch out Lubbock TX: If Matt’s new students take his teachings to heart, you may soon have a lot of folks going around town saying things that they don’t know to be so!


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  1. Congratulations to Matt on the publication and on the appointment. I’ll read his new paper with anticipation since I’m pretty sure that a lot of what I say with a clear conscience I don’t know to be true, though I usually don’t say it in an attempt to say what is false. My colleagues (and, by now, some CDers) will no doubt agree that I am right about something: much of what I say I do not know if only because it is false!

  2. It’s bad to say what isn’t true. Of course, we all slip up sometimes. In fact, sometimes through no fault of our own — we reasonably think that something is true, and even that we know it to be true, so we (quite reasonably) assert it, when in fact it’s false. A clear conscience can be order in such a case.

  3. Since I’m teaching ethics to accounting students in the fall semester, there could be a real problem here… fortunately I think I can sustain a relevant distinction, viz. “It can be OK to assert what you don’t know to be true” and “It’s not OK to sign off on an audit if you don’t know it’s true.” Anyway, thanks Keith!

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