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OK, here’s your big chance to shape a conference. My institution is going to host a workshop in epistemology in the fall of ’06; I’m organizing it. I’d like to hear ideas about topics (and associated philosophers) that would be exciting, and there’s no better place than here for such feedback. Any ideas?


Conference Wish-Lists — 2 Comments

  1. I would be particularly interested in (and would love to participate!) in a conference on the very viability of epistemology as a normative discipline. The suggestion is entirely self-serving, of course, since my current research concerns the viability of normative disciplines more generally (I am developing a nihilistic position on the matter). Another topic of interest would be an exploration by epistemologists of just what relevance the concept of truth has for their research. Can epistemology be done without the notion of truth playing a central role?

    Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

    Best, Joe

  2. I think something on “evidence in epistemology” would be great. As you know Jon, I’ve organized an APA Central session on that topic with some first rate people participating, but I think a workshop would be even better. Especially if you let me come watch….

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