Conference on the War on Induction

On March 23-24th the Johns Hopkins Center for History and Philosophy of Science is hosting a conference on the War on Induction at the auditorium of the Space Telescope Institute in Baltimore. The conference is devoted to historical and contemporary challenges to inductive models of scientific reasoning, and will be of interest not only to epistemologists, historians and philosophers of science, but also to those interested in foundational questions about reasoning in the social and natural sciences, as well as in mathematical statistics. Main speakers include Peter Achinstein (Johns Hopkins), Frank Arntzenius (Rutgers), Gilbert Harman (Princeton), John Norton (Pittsburgh), and Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech). Commentators include Michael Weisberg (Penn), Kent Staley (SLU), Fred Kronz (UT), Richard Richards (Alabama), John Roberts (UNC), and Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins).

The website for the conference can be found is, here, and anyone who is interested can contact Victor DiFate at

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