Conference on Sosa’s Epistemology

The XIXth edition of the Inter-University Workshop on Philosophy and Cognitive Science will be held on May 18 and 19, of 2009, in Zaragoza, Spain, organized by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Zaragoza. The invited speaker will be Ernest Sosa, Board of Governors Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University. In recent years Interuniversity Workshop invited speakers have been: A. Clark, M. Davies, D. Dennett, J. Fodor, F. Dretske, R. Millikan, T. Burge, J. Searle, J. Kim, C. Peacocke, F. Recanati, B. Stroud, J. McDowell, N. Block, and P. Carruthers. Professor Sosa’s published or forthcoming work takes up a broad range of issues in epistemology, such as foundationalism/coherentism, internalism/externalism, reliabilism, contextualism, skepticism, the Pyrrhonian problematic and the problem of easy knowledge, epistemic normativity, intuitions and their place in philosophy, epistemic agency, epistemic virtue or competence, the epistemology of disagreement, testimony and social epistemology, the nature of knowledge, and the value of knowledge. The Organizing Committee invites contributions based on topics related to that work. (Some of it is available for downloading at his website: Extended drafts (not less than 2000 words) should be sent to the coordinator of the workshop, Jesús Ezquerro (, before February, 27, 2009 (e-mail only). Authors of accepted papers will have their accommodation, but not travel, expenses covered.

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