Conference at Nebraska, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2010

Third Annual Chambers Philosophy Conference: The Point and Purpose of Epistemic Evaluation

The conference will explore an idea about methodology in epistemology: that the point(s) and purpose(s) of epistemic evaluation ought to significantly constrain and inform substantive accounts of knowledge and knowledge-related phenomena. Edward Craig’s Knowledge and the State of Nature illustrates one way of articulating and pursuing this sort of methodological shift. Similar ideas about methodology might motivate recent discussions of contextualism and invariantism, as well as discussions about the value of knowledge and even skepticism. Similar themes are evident in the American Pragmatist tradition.

Confirmed Speakers: Keith DeRose (Yale), Miranda Fricker (London), Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern), John Greco (Saint Louis), Susan Haack (Miami), David Henderson (Nebraska), Matthew McGrath (Missouri), Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins), Jonathan Weinberg (Indiana)

Confirmed Commentators: Peter Graham (UC Riverside), Stephen Grimm (Fordham), John Hawthorne (Oxford), Declan Smithies (Ohio State)

Conference Organizers:
David Henderson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
John Greco, Saint Louis University

Attendance at the conference is free, but please register by sending indication of your plans to David Henderson, Those registered will receive information as it becomes available. Questions about the conference should be addressed to David Henderson.

The conference is supported by the Robert R Chambers Professorships in the Department of Philosophy, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. This year’s conference benefits from support by the Department of Philosophy, Saint Louis University, and The College of Arts and Sciences, Saint Louis University.

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