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Once upon a time D. Reidel/North Holland/Kluwer/Springer held a sizable chunk of the formal philosophy book market, and Elsevier a fair portion of what remained. Together they pushed the price of books in this niche to dizzying heights. College Publications (formally King’s College Publications) is a small publishing house that has been set up as an alternative to this racket, publishing titles that would normally come out in Elsevier’s red book series or one of Springer’s imprints but at 1/3 to 1/2 of their prices.

College keeps prices low by having no marketing staff; instead, books are listed on Amazon, and authors are left to get the word out about their books on their own. If the College experiment is successful, that is, if readers and authors embrace this house and its books, then we might begin to see a check on book prices in this niche.

Some of the titles already out in this series include:
A reprint of Jaakko Hintikka’s Knowledge and Belief;
A reprint of Chris Hankin’s An Introduction to Lambda Calculi for Computer Scientists;
The Advances in Modal Logic series (AiML);
David Makinson’s Bridges from Classical to Non-monotonic Logic;
Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos and Kristina Streitnitz’s Learn Prolog Now!;
Benedikt Lowe (ed.) Algebra, Logic and Set Theory; and
Federica Russo and Jon Williamson (eds.) Causality and Probability in the Sciences.

I also have a volume with William Harper that is out with College Publications, which I’ll plug soon.

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