Changes to Blog

We’re working today on getting the blog running under WordPress 1.5, so if you find some strange results, that would be the reason. I’ll post an update to this post when we think it is running fine, and then ask at that point that people email me if strange results continue…


Changes to Blog — 6 Comments

  1. Unless I’m missing something, the posts here don’t say who posted them. Now I know at some level we should all care about the ideas and not where they came from, but I’m normally interested which CDer is responsible for what 🙂

  2. I really like the “most recent comments” feature. If there’s an easy way to put that back, that’d be great.

    Hmm. Also no preview function on comments. And the comment box seems to be much too wide.

    I’ll stop complaining. I’m sure you’ll figure all of this out.

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