CfP: Reasoning about Probabilities and Probabilistic Reasoning

On May 2-5, 2007, the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation at the University of Amsterdam is holding a conference called Reasoning about Probabilities and Probabilistic Reasoning, which is part 6 of the Foundations of the Formal Sciences conference series. The call for papers is here; the deadline for submissions is March 15. (Sorry this is last minute; the deadline crept up on me.)

Invited speakers:
Luc Bovens (LSE, Londen)
David Corfield (Tübingen)
Branden Fitelson (Berkeley)
Maria Carla Galavotti (Bologna)
Peter Grünwald (Amsterdam)
Joe Halpern (Cornell, Ithaca)
Barteld Kooi (Groningen)
Teddy Seidenfeld (CMU, Pittsburgh)
Jan-Willem Romeijn (Amsterdam)
Gregory Wheeler (UNL, Lisbon)
Jon Williamson (Kent, Canterbury)

Organizing Committee:
Horacio Arló-Costa (CMU, Pittsburgh)
Benedikt Löwel (Amsterdam)
David Makinson (King’s College, London)
Eric Pacuit (Amsterdam)
Jan-Willem Romeijn (Amsterdam)

PS: Also have a look at the 3rd Progic conference this September in Canterbury, which I’ll post about soon. The focus in Canterbury will be probability logics and probabilistic networks. The Progic 2007 deadline is May 1, 2007.

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