Certain Doubts is 5!

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Certain Doubts. To date, there have been 843 posts, 5808 comments, and 7 pages. Thanks to all who have helped make this site such a success!

It is worth noting that of all things posted, two are runaway hits in terms of the stats page. (One I won’t count here: the definition of Palindrome was a monster hit, but isn’t of professional interest). Among items of professional interest, Keith’s post on postmodernism remains the entry with the highest number of hits, while the citation-based rankings of PhD programs in philosophy in the U.S. is the biggest hit since its publication on December 19, 2007.


Certain Doubts is 5! — 3 Comments

  1. Jon, your certain doubts have done a major service to epistemology world-wide. And the blog is great too. Here’s to 5 years.

    Cheers, Sandy

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