The New Evil Demon and the Frankfurt-Style Counterfactual Intervener

When I consider the NEDP for reliabilism, the intuitions involved seem to support the view that external properties (e.g. reliable belief production) are not directly relevant to justification.  Furthermore, I take the motivating principle that is behind the intuition in … Continue reading

The Motivation for Classical Foundationalism

I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on the following question. Why does classical foundationalism claim that basic beliefs are epistemically privileged in the sense that they are indubitable, infallible, indefeasible, and so on? Roughly speaking, foundationalism is the view … Continue reading

New Page: Epistemology Course Slides

This past semester, I tried an experiment: I Beamer-ed up my entire epistemology course, so I thought I’d make the slides public. (For LaTeX-uninitiated, Beamer is a LaTeX class for creating slide presentations.) Some of the material on the slides … Continue reading