Call for Papers

Special Issue of Studia Logica

Studia Logica is changing its scope. The journal is moving more toward “Formal Philosophy” (i.e., the applications of various formal methods to philosophical problems and issues), and away from its more traditional purely formal-logical roots. To mark this change, the journal is planning to do several special issues. One of these will be in the area of Formal Epistemology. This is to be construed broadly to include applications of logical, probabilistic, game-theoretic, and other formal methods to problems and issues in epistemology (including epistemologically oriented philosophy of science).

The editor of this special issue is Branden Fitelson ( Anyone interested in submitting a paper for this special issue should contact Branden by email. We would like to have all paper submissions in by the end of the year, and we plan to publish the issue sometime in 2006. We prefer submissions to be in LaTeX, using the Studia Logica LaTeX style files. Specific submission information for authors can be found on the journal’s webpage at

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