Bundled Announcements

First, a collection of papers in formal and computational epistemology is in the current issue of The Journal of Applied Logic, guest edited by Luís Moniz Pereira and Gregory Wheeler.

Contents of the special issue:

An axiomatization of family resemblance, Ray Jennings and Dana Nicholson.
Preferential theory revision, Pierangelo Dell’Acqua and Luís Moniz Pereira.
An adaptive logic for relevant classical deduction, Hans Lycke
Some comments on history based structures, Eric Pacuit
Nonmonotonic conditionals that behave like conditional probabilities above a threshold, Jim Hawthorne
Conditionals and Consequences, Henry Kyburg, Choh Man Teng, and Gregory Wheeler.

Second, the current issue of The Reasoner announces an annual supplement, Sic et Non, edited by Steffen Ducheyne, which will print short (400 word) pieces on epistemology and the philosophy of science. See this issue of The Reasoner for details.

Third, two upcoming workshops:

Gabriella Pigozzi announces a call for participation for a Workshop on Formal Models of Norm Change in Luxemburg , November 29–30, 2007.

Jean-Marc Bollon announces a Bayesian Cognition winter school to be held in Charmonix- Mont-Blanc, France, on January 6-11, 2008.

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