Blog stats for July

For the month of July, total hits were: 8936. For June, I was estimating a hit rate of about 5000 per month (I had to estimate since we didn’t begin until June 9), so the rate of growth is dramatic, and the response to the site beyond anything I had expected. Total visitors to the site since its inception is 5551.

In the future, I’ll have better data to report, since I’m now running a stat package from the site itself rather than relying on a third party. I’m now able to track which entries are read the most often, as well as lots of other cool information that I can sort when I really ought to be grading or filling out reports for the dean…

Here’s an amazing statistic: we have regular visitors from over 30 countries besides the U.S. They include, in no particular order: Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, France, Scotland, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Iran, Norway, Romania, Poland, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Lebanon, Lithuania, Greece, Trinidad, Ireland, Morocco, South Africa, Israel, and Portugal. Seeing this list makes clear the scope of interest in contemporary epistemology and the value of the site both nationally and internationally.

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