Bellingham Summer Conference

The Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference looks fantastic, and the schedule includes papers by some of the contributors to this site: Stewart Cohen, “Knowledge, Speaker, and Subject” Juan Comesana, “A Well-Founded Solution to the Generality Problem” and Matthew McGrath, “No Objects, No Problem? Nihilism and the Puzzles of Material Constitution”. In addition, Jonathan Schaffer is commenting on Kent Bach’s paper, and Michael Bergmann on Juan’s. No links to the papers, though, but Juan’s paper can be found here.

Update: oops, I missed one–Jennifer Lackey is commenting on Sarah Stroud’s paper.


Bellingham Summer Conference — 4 Comments

  1. Jon, totally off-topic, but I’m having trouble with
    the RSS feeds–both the one for the main post and the
    one for the comments. Is it only my problem?

  2. Hi, Juan, you’re the only problem I’ve heard of. I’ve had some trouble with the Brown site, but figured out how to get it to work. So if anyone else has problems, I’d like to know (though I don’t really know what to do about it).

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