Arche Basic Knowledge Workshop: Call for Graduate Papers

An Arché workshop on Basic Knowledge will take place in St Andrews on 24-25 November 2006. Speakers will include Jason Stanley, Duncan Pritchard and Jessica Brown. There will be a slot for a graduate student paper. Graduate students, and those who obtained their PhDs within the last twelve months, are invited to submit papers of not more than 5000 words. Please send submissions as email attachments in Word or similar format (no pdf files please) to Carrie Jenkins. Suitable topics include: Sceptical Paradox, Transmission and/or Closure, Non-Evidential Warrant, Internalism and Externalism, and A Priori Knowledge. Particularly welcome are papers which open up new areas of enquiry within these fields, and/or highlight directions in which further research is needed. Travel and subsistence will be covered by Arche for the author of the selected paper.

ADDENDUM: The deadline for submissions is 31 August 2006, and submissions should be prepared for blind review.


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