April Epistemology Workshop

An International Workshop on the Question
“Why Formal Epistemology?”
April 28th-29th
University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma Philosophy Department is hosting a two day Epistemology Workshop at the University of Oklahoma, Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29. The working title for the workshop is “Why Formal Epistemology?” The general theme is to address the issue, “In what ways do (or should, or can) Formal Methods shed light on Traditional Epistemological Concerns?”. In other words, how may formal epistemology fruitfully inform and engage traditional issues and approaches, and how should traditional approaches respond to the formalists?.

Participants at the workshop will include Luc Bovens, David Chalmers, Branden Fitelson, Alan Hajek, Jonathan Kvanvig, Adam Morton, Scott Sturgeon, and Paul Weirich.

For more information, see the workshop website here: http://faculty-staff.ou.edu/R/Wayne.D.Riggs-1/epistemology/index.html

Registration for the workshop is free, but we ask that anyone who is planning to come, please send us your name and institutional affiliation so that we can know how many people we need to accommodate. You can do this either by email (ouphilstudent@yahoo.com) or regular post at the following address. As a bonus, everyone who registers will be able to post and comment on the official blog (http://ouepistemology.blogspot.com/) of the conference!

Formal Epistemology Conference
Philosophy Department
University of Oklahoma
455 W. Lindsey, Room 605
Norman, OK 73019

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