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Just got back from the APA pacific, and have developed the obvious generalization of the principle that allows the pacific meeting of the APA to be in Vancouver, BC,… CANADA (It is a fantastic location, by the way):  if the pacific can be in Vancouver, the Central can be in Cancun, and the eastern can be in Jamaica… or Aruba… or Cuba, once the travel restrictions disappear.  I vote for Havana!


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  1. Of course, these all sound like great locations, though it should be noted:

    (1) The APA has been in Vancouver before – 1961, I think it was.


    (2) there are of course a lot of philosophers in the Vancouver area who are members of the APA. Of course, maybe if we met in Cancun or Aruba or Cuba regularly we could change the fact that there aren’t so many from those locations…

    and of course the Eastern was in Toronto many years ago (I think Quine was supposed to give a version of the Two Dogmas at an APA in Toronto…)

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