I was looking at the online additions to the latest JFP, and noticed that the University of Houston at Victoria is looking for a chair of their Humanities Division. The expectations and qualifications are of the normal variety, but then I noticed this line:

the successful candidate should be eligible for tenure decision within three years of the initial appointment.

Wow! This is a chair position, right? So you get to give up tenure to take the job and in three years get voted on by, presumably, the department you chair. Don your boots and calm the horses; hordes upon hordes will be lining up for this opportunity!

It reminds me of an unnamed former chair’s motto: never explain the behavior of an administrator by appeal to malice when sheer incompetence will do just fine.


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  1. A modern Paderewski case.

    I know this guy, Jon Kvanvig, who is one of the great administrators — witness the energy and enthusiasm he brought to his job while Chair of the Missouri Philosophy Department.

    I know this guy, Jon Kvanvig, who is one of the biggest critics of administrators — witness his recent post on Certain Blogs.

    Assuming that it is common knowledge that no excellent administrator directs derision at himself, I am stumped as to what I believe when I believe that Jon Kvanvig is an excellent administrator.

    I realize this isn’t epistemology, but still it’s a stumper. …

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