A Word about Talks Page

As noted earlier, I’m now including a talk page which I will update as I receive information. Here, a word about reasons. Besides the usual professional reasons for finding out what others are doing, there is an egalitarian motivation as well. As I’ve noted in many conversations over the past decade or so, our discipline is more conference-driven than ever and perhaps in a way that is overdone. Regardless of the credentials of the point about undue influence, there is still an inequality that results: those with resources, institutional or otherwise, benefit in ways that those without cannot. The talk page can’t remedy that inequity entirely, but it can ameliorate it by providing some access to what is going on at conferences.

So I will keep the page updated to promote greater access for all, and I encourage all conferences to take the step necessary to provide video or slide information when the events involve selective participation. I intend this point not to apply to APA meetings, but other conferences can help the less advantaged in our profession by taking this step.

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