I owe an apology to all Arkansas fans. My prediction was defective. I had predicted 38-21, and I deeply apologize to all my Arkansas buddies for my mistake.

I can’t resist noting, however, that there are two kinds of stupid. There is the ordinary stupid that all of us do at one time or another. Then there is calling a timeout just prior to a fake punt that successfully secures a first down, in large part because of the surprise element involved (of course, the result negated by the prior timeout call). Only to try a version of the same fake punt play after the timeout, and fail in the attempt, in large part because, oh, gee, I guess the surprise element wasn’t there any more. That’s the other kind.


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  1. Hats off to Mizzou: they’ve got a great team, and look to be even better next year (assuming Chase Daniel stays). Speaking of next year, the Hogs will have a completely different coaching staff then, thank heavens. (Even my 3-year-old son knows not to run two fake punts in a row. Gimme a break!)

    Incidentally, I was at the 2003 Independence Bowl (Shreveport, LA) when AR beat MO 27-14. “How I long for yesterday…”

  2. the bad news from my perspective is this: I still have some loyalties to A&M and the interim head coach for the game, Herring, is moving to A&M as defensive coordinator…

  3. There’s a third type of stupidity of which the Cotton Bowl made me aware–beaureaucratic, systematic studipity that put KU in the Orange Bowl and leaves MU in the Cotton. I don’t think anyone has managed to explain that one. In a job with any amount of accountability, someone who makes a decision that puzzling gets fired or demoted. But, hiding behind the cover of the group, such stupidity remains unpunished.

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