Philosophical Contests

Update 5/13: I’m back from a trip to discover that Plato won the pre-modern contest, edging out Aristotle by just 2 votes.  However, the final round has begun to determine the most important philosopher of all time, and as of right now, Aristotle has a small but significant lead in that contest (results so far).  The poll ends in a couple of days (May 15).


Like a good basketball game, it’s been close all the way, with lots of ties and lead changes.  But right now (10:30 Eastern, 5/8), one of the main “footnotes to Plato” (Aristotle) is beating Plato himself in the Leiter-sponsored poll concerning “The Most Important Philosophers of the Pre-Modern Era.”


Take the poll.

Next, of course, one supposes there will have to be a championship round of the most important philosophers of all time in which Kant, who came out on top of the poll about the “Most Important Philosopher of the Modern Era” (results), will square off against the Plato and Aristotle, no doubt hoping to avenge a controversial soccer loss that his German team suffered at the hands of the Greeks.

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